Brian begin fearless dating

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Brian begin fearless dating

There’s nothing weak or less evolved about being frightened. It took me over ten years to have a realistic perspective about my own health terrors. Though I had the same information that I have now, time and experience have had a tremendous impact on how I work with my fears. Fear is normal and, to a certain extent, it’s important. But just because we’re afraid, doesn’t mean we’re toxic or failing or falling off the spiritual wagon. Anyone who lives with cancer (myself included), will tell you that managing fear is an ever-evolving practice. Fear is one of the many colors in our emotional palette, and it’s often there for a reason. Sometimes the shifts happen quite easily, other times our fears refuse to be rushed (and they really hate being trivialized).

We can have gratitude for fear when it shakes us awake or jolts us from complacency.

You’re licking through your own noise to get to the Tootsie Roll at the center of the spiritual lollipop! Listen: Once you’ve made contact with what’s coming up for you, ask fear what it’s trying to say.

All I could think of was how my disease had progressed and that I’d like to invite you all to my funeral.

And I also want you to know that it’s possible to work with your fears and use them to your advantage. When we’re courageous enough to be with what scares us, we can awaken our intuition and create a new path for healing. It’s common to belittle our fears and try to pre-maturely cleanse them away. Open your heart: You know those fluttering feelings in your belly?

Whether you’re fearful of getting sick, you’re currently dealing with a health issue, or you’re scared and struggling in other areas of your life, I want you to know that you’re in good company.

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Hint: If you’re having a hard time determining what’s constructive versus destructive, a good therapist can help you with this. It might make you relax a bit to realize that fear is actually creative. The key, of course, is to transform your powerful imagination away from manufacturing irrational fears and toward positive vision. Here’s a quick tour down one of my irrational rabbit holes: An impending doctor appointment.