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Dating website terminology

Further details on the new probability terminology can be found in Book 1; Chapter 2; Section 2.2 Terminology of ARR2016

The main terms used to describe design rainfalls are: The table below lists the probability terminology used for the 2016 design rainfalls and shows in bold the standard EY and AEP values for which design rainfalls are available.

Advice on how to take climate change into consideration when using the new design rainfalls is provided in Book 1; Chapter 6 Climate Change Consideration of ARR2016 These Raw Data values are a function of the method adopted for deriving the ARR87 IFDs and therefore specific to the ARR87 IFDs.A different method was adopted to derive the 2016 IFDs, therefore equivalent values are not available for the 2016 IFDs.The full impact of the new IFDs can only be assessed by considered all inputs into the design process (including design temporal patterns and losses).Information sheets summarising the nature and extent of the differences for each capital city are provided below.

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An overview of the methods used for the new IFD estimates can be found in Green et al (2012) and Green et al (2015) as well as in Book 2; Chapter 3 Design Rainfall of ARR2016 The Bureau of Meteorology is also preparing a comprehensive report of the derivation of the new IFDs and will publish on this website when available.

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