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Later, Chelsea went on to date an hotelier Andre Balazs.They began dating in 2011 and stayed in an on-off relationship for three years and later they ended the story completely.He currently hosts and produces the Discovery Channel show Rogue Nature, on Animal Planet.Salmoni has been criticized by credentialed research biologists for his theatrics in an effort to make more entertaining television at the expense of wild lions.

It was probably Chelsea's most high-profile relationship.Dave Salmoni is a Canadian animal trainer, television producer, and entertainer. Salmoni's mother was a coach for figure skating and his father was a chemical engineer.He has his own video production company, "Triosphere" which is based on the South Africa. Dave joined Laurentian University in Sudbury where he studied zoology.He also hosted Expedition Impossible, a Mark Burnett show on ABC in 2011.Salmoni appears in the following TV shows: Into the Lion's Den (2004), Sharks: Are They Hunting Us?

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Let's get into her personal life for the answer.

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