Double your dating video clips

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Double your dating video clips

With out even thinking or pausing the words just came out." This is the result of preparation and mental rehearsal. Even though the words were unique to the situation, the MESSAGE was delivered clearly. I am happy for you." (Pause - and in a lower tone) "I know this is probably a major accomplishment for you, but to the rest of the world, this is kinda normal.

I even did the whole daydream practice thing everyday.I decided that before I started trying to approach women I would make it my goal for a couple of weeks to just make eye contact and hold it until they looked away. After practicing eye contact for a couple of weeks and doing the whole mental exercise thing, I was at work one day working out after my break and was practicing my eye contact thing between sets with this really hot girl near the dumbbell rack.I knew she noticed but it never bothered me cause I had no intentions of acting.Again, to most men this would make no sense at all.If you consulted most relationship books, they would argue that this type of approach would NEVER work. The problem is that the mainstream relationship books forgot to TITLE the chapter that suggests this kind of behavior: "HOW TO BE THE WUSS WOMEN RUN FROM" ....

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I mean, men are supposed to "court" women, compliment them... "HOW TO CONVINCE THE WOMAN YOU DESIRE THAT YOU HAVE NO BACKBONE AND WOULD PAY ANY PRICE FOR HER ATTENTION" ....