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Error crashed while validating asset

The clients that consume our API will most likely run behaviour based on the status code returned by our API.Imagine a user tries to submit a form but Laravel throws a validation error (status code a 404 page or similar and determines the corresponding action by reading the view.The full code to this article can be found here: larapi-part-3 Error handling is often an overlooked element of development, unfortunately.Luckily, this article will take you through the basics of API error handling. Show the stack trace exception page in development mode and a production message in production environments.When consuming APIs it is typically the computer that has to "see" the response and determine the corresponding action. Albeit not very helpful these are all valid responses.If we showed a 404 page to the computer how would it know how to react? So now that we know what status codes to use, how should we go about formatting our response? The client should be able to perform a corresponding action based on these responses, e.g. At Traede we have access control using users, roles and permissions.Anything more or less would not work for the layout, and image transform after upload could compromise the quality of the image, depending on what is uploaded. The only file-based validation Assets fields have right now is the type.

As for the assets integrity check, if this check fails the app will crash (or return an error message on javascript callback, if This plugin can't be considered as an exhaustive integrity check for your app: an app can always be tampered somehow.The JSON API specification is one of several specifications discussing a standardized API design.Other examples include Microsoft's API guidelines and Heroku's HTTP API design.To actually know what the user is not allowed to do we have to get the missing permissions from the request.Therefore, our 403 responses are formatted somewhat like this.

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This plugin verifies the integrity of the static assets of your Cordova application, checking if the files have changed since the original build.

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