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I have not been able to get a value for this stamp, … ) any feedback on this stamp is appreciated Not rated yet The collection of stamps I now posses , I would would guess had been dormant for maybe 50 years ( I'm guessing .) Thank you in advance for your time … ihave about 35 india stamps 1886 -1954 wat wud they be worth todays value Not rated yetiknow not much about most of them but some like 3 pies blue elephant is worth about 150 ive got HALFANNAS 0ne being green hyderbad or something …i have a victoria 4 and halfd stamp it is the lime green and red stamp with the crown. Not rated yet Hi there it's a 1964 first day cover superb condition given to my granddad as a gift for his work for brown muff &co he designed there boxes penny red a cpl dozen i found them s me Not rated yeti have dozens of 1800 s London times news papers then i realized they were penny red stamps on them me im disabled and have no income so some value …Sorry, I do collection stamps, but I don't know the stamp value or history too much. The stamp was found in an old family wallet that hasn't been seen in years. I have found a few stamps in a inherited collection that have errors, are they worth anything There is a black one cent British Guiana, that has a Q instead of an O in one at the bottom of stamp, the next is from portugal, the bottom stamp has … Official opening of Post Office Research commerative stamp set I worked for the Post Office in 1986 and was given this when the new research centre moved. The stamp has never been mounted (unhinged) in a stamp album. Looking to find out if these Error stamps have any value above the standard catalogue presented low value Hi, Found another few error stamps (Scanned at 600dpi) Christmas 1966 - Snowman - Used Stamps - Middle is standard, Left has a Blue Hat & not Pink …This stamp I had with me very long time, I just realize the cutting … Currently we have no idea who is on the stamp, and why it is dated the year … Violet colour with a man ploughing with oxen I oould not find a similar stamp on the ebay site which had a number of other stamps. hi i have several stamps over 40 years old and would like to know there value in mint condition thank you i have a first flight concorde 4d stamp which i heard is worth a lot of money and a silver jubilee 10 p stamp I would like to know the value of my scott 578 1c green, Rotary,perf 11x10 Country: United states of America Year: 1919 Postmark: machine cancelled Condition: mint never hinged Overall condition: very fine Scott: 578 EDU: … i can find my stamp value king George v embossed stamp used 1 is green 1 is brown My dad gave me a stamp book in the 80s i can find most of them some come up as rare but 2 stand out to me 1 is brown postage 3 pence and 1 green postage … Can you please give me information about these stamps please (image attached) They have been found whilst clearing my recently deceased uncles house. Looking to find out if these Error stamps have any value above the standard catalogue presented low value Hi, Found a few error stamps (Scanned at 600dpi) Red Cross 3d - Mint not Hinged (Ord)- Top stamp has the RED Cross significantly lower than the bottom … Can you please give me an ideas as to the value of these stamps?Lots of people have found that old box in the Attic full of odds and ends and sometimes a few Stamp Albums...Postcards and Envelopes Then you are found asking yourself, I wonder what the Value of Old Postage Stamps are?

I know nothing about this other than the info enclosed on the envelope, which is minimal. I think the unused halfpenny and 2 1/2 d stamps are King George VI.

coronation of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, cover by British Philatelic Association . This stamp was collected by my grand father that could have have collected it in central Africa to South Africa region. Would like to know the value of the Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips (1973) stamp - see attachment. On this form, I don't see where I can enter my e-mail address for reply. Found in an auction lot, this SG748 has the value & Queen's head printed in black instead of the usual gold. found these 2 albums 3000 years of british heritage postage stamps commemerating 3000 years of british heritage 117 stamps in total limited run of 500 in the entire world produced by the kenmore stamp co …

Four cover image by British Philatelic Association . My e-mail address is [email protected] again thank you in advance. I would be most grateful if anyone might know the approximate current value of this Edward V11 Two Shillings & Sixpence postage stamp.

It has queen elizabeth in the middle two pieces of foliage, one underneath her, one to the right of her. I have a Queen Victoria 2 & half penny blue stamp with a 'Large crown' watermark but can find no reference to such a stamp. All I can tell you is it's not listed in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue. Hi We have inherited an album full of stamps as well as many more loose stamps. Not rated yet Having the queen Elizabeth 11 and George V1 on the same envelope franked the year of the coronation 1953 - does this have any value?

These two are just a couple that we wanted to gauge value on. I have these 2 stamps and would like to know if they have any value? value of 3penny red stamps and 4 green half penny stamps Not rated yet Penny red stamps on birth and marriage certificates dated 1922 19.

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if you have a photo or scan of your Stamp you can use the form below to post a picture of your stamp for visitors to see and hopefully offer advise on the Value of Your Stamp or guidence...