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Online dating entrepreneur

Research indicates entrepreneurs are more inclined to make "hot decisions" that require tolerance for risk and discomfort. IMRESSION MANAGEMENT If you're dating an entrepreneur, you probably only see half the picture.

When you first meet an entrepreneur, you'll likely assume they're more successful, well-off, or connected than they actually are.

You'll have to navigate around an hefty ego and hint of narcissism to date a successful entrepreneur. So if you can't deal with manic work binges and an occasional (or perpetual) big head, then get out now. A LOT If you're dating an entrepreneur, you'll probably feel like you're never working hard enough.

It doesn't matter how ambitious you are, they'll probably have you beat.

Dating someone on the precipice of professional life or death is both fantastically enlightening and a huge pain in the ass.

As the great and mighty Elon Musk says, "Starting a company is like eating glass and staring into the abyss." Kind of sexy, no?

Entrepreneurs are planners, strategists, goal-setters, and organizers.

They're neurotic about time, space, diets, and co-workers.

They'll call you out when your sunglasses don't fit your face or when they don't like your article or when you don't shave your legs. Sometimes it's tough to swallow, but there's something to be said for taking the bad with the good.According to David Mc Clelland, entrepreneurs are driven by an overwhelming need for achievement. And they inextricably attach their identities to personal achievements, so they're very motivated to get it right.It can be be mystifying to an entrepreneur if other people aren't driven by the same obsessive need for achievement.This is because entrepreneurs are generally impeccable impression managers.Impression management is a skill honed from years of fake it till you make it.

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DELUSIONAL OPTIMISM If you're dating an entrepreneur, you're probably dating a crazy person. Psychologist John Gartner believes a condition called hypomania is responsible for the success of many great entrepreneurs.

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