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One thing is for sure--this is a very unique experience." Grillo is equally convinced that "X & Y On The Fly" is something special.

"One thing is for sure, I've never encountered anything like what we are doing.

But at the same time, we’ve learned to see and love more and more about the other. Veilands: I think it's matured since I've come here.

However, a high school relationship can come with stress of its own.

Lege: We definitely value our time together more now.

Dating coach Scot Mc Kay has announced a brand new podcast series entitled "X & Y On The Fly." Based on his popular weekly newsletter series, the podcasts will expound on the theme presented in the newsletter published the previous week. Co-hosting the podcasts with Mc Kay is Emily Grillo.

Not only must the relationship withstand a drastic life change, but other students often look down on relationships formed before coming to university.

The Red and Black spoke with three UGA students about long-term dating, the transition to college and the stigma surrounding relationships. Chason Mckay: I’m a sophomore in public relations and philosophy Mattie Veilands: I’m a first year in health promotion.

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I guess that may be true a lot of the time, but as long as we're happy there's no point in leaving someone you care about.