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Ts dating jakarta

To fly one's ensign alone in foreign waters, a foreign port or in the face of a foreign warship traditionally indicates a willingness to fight, with cannon, for the right to do so.

As of 2009, this custom is still taken seriously by many naval and port authorities and is readily enforced in many parts of the world by boarding, confiscation and other civil penalties.

One of the most popular uses of a flag is to symbolize a nation or country.these flags eventually evolved into the national flags and maritime flags of today.Flags also became the preferred means of communications at sea, resulting in various systems of flag signals; see, International maritime signal flags.The study of flags is known as vexillology, from the Latin word vexillum, meaning flag or banner.Due to the use of flags by military units, 'flag' is also used as the name of some military units.

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Some national flags have been particularly inspirational to other nations, countries, or subnational entities in the design of their own flags.

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