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The whole reason for writing these books is to give each and every reader a thorough rundown on all the steps necessary to customize and optimize their system.

As such, there are sufficient resources and links in the books to help anyone learn more about their system and solve most any problem when combined with additional research and thought. Version History Below are the changes made to the most recent version of each book.

Problems and Technical Support These books are provided 'as is', and I cannot provide any technical support.

It simply isn't viable or appropriate for me to do so, so under no circumstances will I provide personalized optimization, customization or purchasing advice/feedback, or any other form of technical support related to the information in these books.

ZIP archive using the built-in Windows compression utility, or the free 7-Zip utility.

Then use the free Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader software to read the PDF file.

The PDF e-book version has no intrusive DRM and is around the price of a cup of coffee. Note: A Tweak Guides Tweaking Companion for Windows 10 will not be released as explained here.

Aside from interface changes, Windows 10 is similar to Windows 8.1 in terms of features and tweaks, so you can use the TGTC for Windows 8 if you wish.

Note that this is a one-off purchase and not an ongoing subscription. Version History Usage Instructions Once downloaded, first extract the PDF file from the .

Also disable any download managers when attempting to download the file.

Hosting, Distribution & Translations Reproducing, altering, hosting, selling or mass distributing these books in any way is not permitted.

Appropriate action will be taken against any such individuals who do not respect the concept of author rights.

For those who do not understand the strictness of these conditions, please see here.

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pp.26-34 (30-46) - New Features chapter updated for the key Windows 8.1 Update 1 changes.